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Friday Finds!

Welcome to Friday!

I’ve decided to start a new tradition: highlighting things that I’ve “found” inside museums. I hope to use an interactive, strange found objects, and maybe people.

1. Riflebird Bird of Paradise Kinetic Sculpture


I LOVE this Riflebird sculpture found in the Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution exhibit at the National Geographic Museum. Adults love it because of the vegetable steamer and the film reels in the wings, and kids live it because it moves. I like it for both reasons… and I just love riflebirds!

2. 3 Pieces of Yarn and a Plastic Bead

Sometimes, you know that you have lots of kids in a museum because of the large numbers of leftover pencils in the exhibits. On Wednesday, I found three inch-long pieces of pink yarn (a super soft yarn that I want to knit with) and a white pony bead.

3. Diversity

Without counting the kids, we have a diverse group of visitors. On Wednesday, we had four school groups. One school group was from a private Muslim school, one was a bilingual school, and the others were from inner city DC. We had a minimum of three languages represented just by the children alone.

4. My Director

The museum director visited the floor the other day to help out with the large number of kids in the museum. She also has helped us out with our 3D movies. I see her at least twice a week and just love the fact that she is so involved. She also volunteers her son to help us. I deeply respect her for her presence.

What have you found in your museum this week?


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