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Friday Finds (#6)!

Today’s Friday Finds is not going to be as happy as they usually are because of some family stuff going on right now.

1. Bullying

Bullying is (unfortunately) something I see at least once a week. Kids have hidden behind me to keep from being punched (third graders), and on Monday two girls said cruel things to another girl, an absolute stranger. The teased girl’s response? “You all must really hate me or something.” She must have been about fourteen. How sickening. How do you prevent or stop bullying in your museums?

2. Research!

This past week has been spent researching pirates. This means that I’ve been ensconced in 18th century pirate lore, which is pretty cool. One question: why do traveling exhibits now keep their bibliographies on separate websites instead of in the companion books? This makes research difficult for folks who want to keep up to date with exhibit information.

3. Friendly Visitors

Our visitors this past weekend were all super friendly. I think this was partly due to the holiday weekend, and partly due to the fact that everyone was coming to see our one main exhibit! Woohoo!

What have you found in your museums in the past week?


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