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Friday Finds (#9!)

This week, I’ve found:

1. Random Fact Collectors

At work we need to keep occupied when it’s slow. Recently we’ve kept busy through trivia questions. Hooray for trivia! I’ve discovered that I’m not the only random fact collector, which is great.

2. Interesting Marketing

I’m writing this post on the Metro, which means that I see a lot of ads. I’m fascinated by the National Aquarium’s tactics, which are semi-romantic in flavor. They say “Find someone special” and show two butterflyfish “kissing.” I’m now considering doing another date night there. Heh. I really like the National Geographic’s Birds of Paradise ad, because it has the same tone as the exhibit: scientific, but goofy.

3. Feathered Friends

I’m a big bird nerd, so I was very excited when I spotted a pair of house finches nesting at the museum.

4. Puppets

I am also a fan of Folkmanis puppets. The company’s puppets tend to be well made and very detailed animals. One of the nature centers I grew up in used them regularly. What a way to teach about nature! Five out of my seven were bought in museums.

What did you see in museums this week?


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