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Warehouse 13 as a Museum #4: Warehouse 13 Inspires My Job

Here is a quick post on Warehouse 13/my job. Life blew up again, so posts will be few and far between for a while.

Why Warehouse 13 makes me love my museum job:

1. I have created elaborate artifact stories (what they do, downsides, etc) behind every artifact in our exhibits. This means that I apply an emotional and factual understanding of our history when I give tours. This is needed to fully engage with the meanings behind many of the objects/stories in our exhibits. I’ve heard one visitor say that our Titanic exhibit was sad in the six months it was open, and it is a really sad story.

2. When we have replicas or don’t have artifacts in the exhibit, I can blame the Warehouse. I don’t to visitors, but it makes me think a lot more about why we have replicas vs real artifacts.

3. Whenever something breaks/is moved/flashes in a creepy way, I blame it on the artifacts. Why not? Our pirate exhibit is really creepy. Blaming it on the artifacts makes it a funny kind of creepy.

4. Every episode reminds me why I love history, and I carry that back to work with me. The pirate episode made me really think about our own pirate exhibit and why I am fascinated by it (it was also one of the best episodes of the season, so there’s that, too).

<strong>How does something you love help you in your job? Comment below!</strong>


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